"I want to thank you for helping with my 'body pain'. I am doing well and I want you know that I will be back but this is my majorly busy season until I get 'slammed again' I will not be getting into Reno...You are a magician and a treasure!!"
Nancy W

"Todd's Body Shop is a remarkable group of medical professionals. Referred by my GP, I came in believing I would be gripped by chronic pain. Working with Todd and Amy has increased my flexibility and built strength to continue my active life. People are competent and kind. I can't say enough about the way this team contributes to the quality of my health and life."
Melanie P

"Todd's Body Shop transformed my ailing and chronic lower back problems, back to the stable and strong muscle form it used to be. Their techniques as well as their natural knowledge of the body, is second to none and they have helped my basketball career tremendously."
Kevinn Pinkney - Professional Basketball Player

"Anyone in need of Physical Therapy this is definitely the place to go. I had the opportunity of meeting everyone at Todds this weekend and the warmth and charm of its atmosphere is evident as soon as you walk in the door. Then you meet the staff and their kindness and concern for your well being is quite evident as you very quickly feel part of their family. PT does not need to be grueling they will make sure of that. "
Cheryl H. PT

"Thank you for so gingerly alleviating my recent ailment! You guys are the best!"
Jack B.

"Pretty sure it's been at least 2 days since I've spouted out to someone how much I love you all. I do! Thank you, thank you so much for working me into your cray-busy schedule today."
Kim U.

"Thank you all for taking such great care of Madison Q!"
Patrick Q.

"Awesomeness is found here with healing."

"Best physical therapist ever and the best people ever!"

"Simply the best"
B. B.

"Todd is awesome! Like a magical healing creature. I have tendonitis in the lateral hamstring. My center of gravity if off. My right leg is tiny bit shorter than my left, lower back is compensating for my weak right side causing lower back pain. Found a couple new stretches for my hamstrings. I see him 2 more times next week."

"Thank you Jamie Pribyl for the Therapy and Conversations this morning, you're the best! - feeling better."

"My neck and head feel great. So much so that my sinuses I didn't even know were congested are clearing!!! Thank you!"

Mission Statement

We are a community-based, family-oriented physical therapy clinic that will provide excellent service in a friendly environment. Our therapists will utilize a full-body approach using manual therapy techniques, exercise, and various modalities to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.